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Welcome to the School of Christ International         Audio Download Website

Welcome to the School of Christ International and the Audio Download website for foreign languages.

This tool was created specifically to assist our Field Directors when training missionaries abroad in the School of Christ. Now any student can download the entire School in their own language and listen to in the privacy of their own home.

This training tool will greatly assist the Student who goes forth to spread the teaching of the School of Christ throughout their own Nation. The whole effort of the School is to make Disciples of men, then send them forth fully prepared with not only a sound knowledge of Christ, but with a personal relationship with Him.

Currently we have a total of forty-four languages ready for download on this website. We just completed the Kikishi and Kikuyu languages from the Continent of Africa and have six other language projects we hope to have ready within the next year, the Armenian, the Greek, the German, the Japanese, the Korean, and the Mongolian.

Please keep this work a matter of prayer as your prayers are the driving force behind this great end-time work. We have already seen the enormous impact the School of Christ has made throughout the world, we must not slow the pace this close to the end.

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Click on any Continent for a list of Languages you can download the School of Christ in.

Greenland, Iceland North America Central America, Caribbean Islands South America Europe Middle East Africa Russian Federation Asia East Asia Australia, Oceania Islands

Contact our office at the address below to inquire about foreign languages in a Video format.

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